Hello there!

I'm Vanessa​

My passion is for people. I truly and absolutely love what I do. I want to hear your stories, laugh uncontrollably, cry during first looks and speeches, I want to dance while you party during the reception. I want to travel to special locations that mean everything to you, near or far. Allow me to be a part of your life.

I'm a collector. I love surrounding myself with objects that remind me of how I got them and the individual stories they tell. Sometimes it's the beauty of an object that draws me in, other times I collect items because they meant something to someone I love (like my grandma's plastic pink and black bubble bath poodles) and I remember them every time I see the object. My home is filled with some seemingly random pieces fo varying color, design, and use - I will never be mistaken for a minimalist!

But as a photographer I'm also a collector of moments, of laughter, of genuine surprise and happiness. For me it's so much more than just documenting your wedding or family, it's about being up close to experience those feelings with you.

​I just moved to Berrien Springs, Michigan with my partner and our three rescue dogs, Alma, Turtle, and Toad. While Chicago(land) will hold a special place in my heart, we're so excited to be living and thriving in such a wonderful community. Chicago is only a 90 minute drive too!

Named one of the vendors from Anomlie's "The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Vendors in Each State"

I'm so honored to be featured! Scroll down to Illinois and see me listed with some other amazing vendors from the state (including Flowers for Dreams whom I love!). https://www.dressanomalie.com/blog/the-ultimate-guide-to-wedding-vendors-in-each-state


Katie & Bill

“Vanessa photographed all three portions of our wedding, capturing the unique spirit of each. The intimate courtroom vows, the family-filled Church ceremony, and the joyous reception in London. Her innovation and imagination helped create memories for each special moment. Her calm and professional demeanour, ensured that all photographs were taken efficiently and family members weren't left waiting for their ice cream cake. I highly recommend Vanessa to capture all your celebrations.”

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