When life gives you a pandemic...

You carry on the best you can! And that's exactly what Alanna & Jorge did with their much smaller, more intimate wedding. While caring about their family and friends, they decided to have a much smaller gathering locally to still celebrate and get married.

The day started a little rainy, but that didn't stop us from making the most of everything. We had to make a quick trip back to the house to get Alanna's bouquet, but the ceremony was intimate and personalized, and even though everyone was spaced apart, you could feel the love and support throughout Mary of the Lake Church.

After the ceremony, we were off to Montrose Beach! We thought we were out of luck when we saw it was closed, but we asked the Chicago officers nicely if we could go in for photos and they let us! That meant we had the whole lakefront practically to ourselves!! With foggy skies and crashing waves we had an hour of portraits where Alanna & Jorge celebrated the first few hours of their marriage.

We drove back to their Airbnb for a beautiful, intimate reception filled with laughter and joy.