First things first...

Congratulations on this exciting journey! As a wedding photographer, I love every aspect of my clients love story and that includes starting with their proposal. Whether you're just seeing if this is something you want documented or your partner has dropped hints (or Pinterest links!), I hope this helps guide you to a successful and perfectly surprised "yes"!

Location Planning

When you think about choosing a location to propose, I like to ask my client a few questions to get started.

  • What do you like to do together?
  • Do you have a favorite spot or location that's special to you both?
  • Do you want to be surrounded by family, friends, and/or strangers, or be alone?
  • Is there a special occasion coming up that you want to use as an excuse to get dressed up?

Beginning with those questions you can get a clearer idea of what you're looking for and if needed, your photographer can suggest multiple locations.

Setting up the Surprise

Depending on your partner, they may already have an idea that the proposal is coming or will be completely clueless! Either way, taking steps in advance is key. Here are some things to get ready before the day of proposing:

  • Have them get a manicure day of or a day before (or ask a friend/mom/sister to present it as a gift to make it extra sneaky and not have them be suspicious)
  • If you're getting dressed up, maybe do it a few times before the proposal so they doesn't think it's out of the ordinary
  • Get the ring! Make sure to hide it somewhere they won't look or leave it with a trusted friend
  • Book your photographer! We can help narrow down all the details and customize the proposal so it's exactly what you imagined
  • Make a reservation. This is for the location you're proposing at or just a nice meal afterwards to celebrate
  • If you are proposing at a specific location, make sure to call ahead and let the staff know (usually they've handled proposals before)

These are just a few things to remember and to think ahead! Preparation is key to making sure everything goes smoothly.

Benefits of a Professional Photographer

While you may be on the fence or unsure of the benefits of having a photographer document your proposal, I want to give you reasons why it's important.

  • The moment will happen so quickly, you'll want photos to remember it all
  • Having a photographer capture this moment is the start of your wedding and marriage journey
  • You don't have to worry about missing anything or trying to set up a phone/camera yourself
  • A photographer can ease you through the proposal process since we've done this a few times!

When I'm booked for a proposal, I get so excited to hear all about the couple. I love to hear how you met, what makes you fall in love with your partner every day, and what you value. I don't just document an event, I am involved in your love story.

Also, while not all photographers are the same, I (and others) offer different discount rates if you book a wedding package as well.

Week of!

It's the week leading up to your proposal, the things to remember are:

  • Clothes check! Make sure everything is clean and ironed (if you're wearing a jacket, don't put it on until you reach your location!)
  • Also try everything on to make sure it fits the way you want
  • Check which pocket is the best to conceal the ring box in (I highly suggest keeping it in the box) and make sure it doesn't look too obvious
  • Practice going down on your knee and taking out the ring (we don't want it getting loose on the ground!)
  • Take some deep breaths and think about what you want to say as you propose, you can even write it down if you get super nervous (you do not have to memorize anything, this can just help prepare you)
  • Have a video call with your photographer. You'll go over exactly where to stand/stop, which direction to face, rain plan if it's outdoors, etc...
  • Send a recent photo of you and your partner to your photographer (or give access to your social media), this just helps to recognize you!
  • Time how long it'll take to get ready, to get to the location, parking, etc...

Day of!

It's here! Everything you've planned has finally arrived! Here's a checklist so you don't forget anything:

  • Check weather & traffic conditions
  • Your photographer will go over a rain plan with you if weather seems icky
  • Don't overstuff your pockets! Just the essentials - keys, wallet, phone, ring
  • Keep your phone on silent
  • The Ring! Place it in your pocket, and then proceed to double and triple check it every few minutes (I know you're nervous!)
  • Text your photographer to let them know you're on your way and the ETA
  • Remember to breathe!

As you arrive to your location, you'll probably notice your photographer (unless you have them hide) and they'll definitely see you too. As nervous as you are, you'll be so overjoyed as soon as you hear that "yes!"

Inquire Now!

While I hope this helped you on your journey to your perfect proposal, there's much more detail to go into that is personalized just for you. Email me to see!